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The Urban Bird & Nature Alliance is established to appreciate, respect and value, protect, educate and support the preservation and conservation of nature in urban environments pertaining to urban forestry, sustainable landscapes, birdlife, wildlife and natural resources. We work to preserve and restore nature for the public gain in Omaha and throughout the state of Nebraska.

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Celebrate Trees Walk in Elmwood Park
We thought you’d enjoy a relaxing walk among the trees in Elmwood Park to celebrate Omaha’s urban environment and Omaha Gives! on Wednesday, May 23rd. We will be talking about the new tree plantings and what kinds of trees live in the park.

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Arbor Day Minne Lusa/Florence Neighborhood Tree Planting
What a great turn out to celebrate Arbor Day! Over 160 community wide volunteers came out to plant 240 trees in the Minne Lusa Historic District/Florence neighborhoods and along the boulevard and city right of ways. It was a block party of shade tree planting!
We have not only beautified the historic district but are also improving the air quality and reducing heat islands in North Omaha. Today was one large successful feat. We plan to continue throughout the city, focusing for now in North Omaha. Perfect day. A huge thank you to Ann Hubbard and Arbor Day Foundation for funding such a vital project! And another huge thank you to Great Plains Nursery for providing some great quality grow bag trees for us to plant!

Midtown Garden Walk & Trolley Tree Tour 2016
Over 150 garden lovers and tree huggers enjoyed 32 unique gardens and sustainable landscapes throughout midtown diverse neighborhoods during the Midtown Garden Walk and Trolley Tree Tour 2016.
The trolley tree tour showcased heritage landmark trees in residential yards and neighborhood right of ways and parks. Attendees gathered under the chestnut tree in Field Club neighborhood to look up to witness its spectacular branch structure. The tree is estimated to be 130 years old and will soon be nominated for the Champion Tree Registry.

Brownell Talbot School Project

Through a grant received from The Nebraska Environmental Trust, The Urban Bird & Nature Alliance was able to educate over 800 students and staff at Brownell Talbot School. Project EAB and Sustainable Urban Forestry took the infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer into the classroom as part of science and experiential project-based learning. All grade levels from Kindergarten through Senior level students received environmental education about EAB and its impact on the Ash trees in the city. From the classroom, students identified Ash trees on school property and found one five large ash trees on the grounds; one 90 year old ash tree was located at the entrance of the school. Students and parents took their knowledge into the nearby Memorial Park to identify Ash trees in the Park. On a Saturday in the Fall of 2017, students, families and staff planted 17 diverse species of shade trees in the understory of the

Ash trees in the park in an effort to establish trees before the current ash trees die. Nearby neighbors from Dundee-Memorial Park participated in planting as did a friendly Irish Setter.

After the project was completed, youth and surrounding community residents boarded a Trolley that visited the newly planted trees in Memorial Park in an effort to showcase the school’s work in the community throughout the year. The trolley ride also visited other ash tree dense areas throughout the city.

Omaha Gives! 2018
Celebrate Trees Walk in Elmwood Park

We celebrated trees today by walking the old evergreen area behind Elmwood Park Pool. The trees have lived there for over 100 years; the Ponderosa Pines and Austrian Pines, and the White Pines towering over the walking group. Some attendees remember them from their childhood, riding their bikes and picnics in the park.

The pines will soon be gone but the memories of playing in their cool shade will not.
Our organization is dedicated to sustaining the Urban Forest so that new trees can grow where old trees once stood. And for this, we are creating new places for people to gather in the shade, breathe fresh air and enjoy nature in the city.

Thank you to our supporters who help grow our mission. And thank you to Omaha Gives for being one great day!