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  • Host educational seminars conducted by reputable speakers in the Avian, Ornithology and Urban Environmental Sustainability arena. Seminars are hosted quarterly.
  • Encourage and bring forth activities for the growth and sustainability of vital ecosystems within a city environment. We initiate actions through discussions among stakeholders, organize events and endorse causes for the sake of our natural areas. We want to promote conscientious landscaping in the city.
  • Promote “purposeful” landscaping in urban settings. We initiate and establish Bird and Nature Islands, large or small, on school grounds, city parks, public right of ways, apartment/condo complexes, sanctuary gardens, community gardens and other venues.  Nature Islands are designed to not only provide beauty but also to promote the sustainability of birdlife and wildlife in the city and encourage vital ecosystem growth and sustainability.  Nature Islands are alive with activity provided by trees, shrubs, pollinator plants and flora which attract birds, wildlife and living organisms.
  • Host and partner with community organizations to offer “In the City Birding and Nature afternoons.”  Tours and walks are held with an educational component about birds, trees and nature in locations throughout the city where wildlife and birdlife flourish–such as Joslyn Art Museum, Mercer Mansion, Orchard Park, cemeteries, historical sites, UNMC grounds, city parks and other identified areas where birds and wildlife can be found in the city.
  • Encourage child and youth participation in outdoor activities in order to fight the growing trend of childhood obesity rates, and to encourage exercise and good health practices that serve to heal and reduce stress for children, youth, the elderly and those of all ages.
  • Allow for disparate populations who would never otherwise travel a countryside, a prairie or forest to participate and learn about nature around them in the city they live.

As our city becomes more dense with urban growth, our need for nature will grow but our natural areas will not. Human beings need nature for a number of reasons. Daily contact with nature is proven to help people of all ages live healthier and happier lives.

Urban spaces are home to a surprising number of wildlife species that depend on healthy urban forests, plant life and streams. We need to protect and preserve our natural areas.

The Urban Bird & Nature Alliance was created in the fall of 2012 with the realization that the design and planning of a cityscape should include the conscientious thoughtfulness of preserving nature in the city.

While discussions are held about progress, growth, new development and economic impact; little discussion is given to the role nature areas play and the need for preservation of bird life, wildlife, trees, flora and the purposeful planting and landscaping in the city. City right of ways and public spaces are often forgotten or later landscaped for beautification only. We want to change the way that landscaping is done in the city.

We advocate not only for landscapes that serve as passive scenic sites, but for those that hold native trees and plants, vegetation and water as food sources and nourishment for bird habitat, wildlife and even insects!

To this end, we will work to educate, hold discussions, advocate and transform policy to benefit ourselves and others while we preserve and respect the nature that surrounds us where we live.

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